Are You Really Prepared for Winter Cyclone?

winterThere is no denying, winter is coming. There are major snow storms forming, just waiting to strike the eastern seaboard, especially in New Jersey. Are you ready for it? Have you put in the effort to winterize your home and your vehicle? Are you really prepared for the winter cyclone that may be coming your way this year?

Preparing Your Home

winterizing your homeThere are a lot of things that go into winterizing a home. Some of them you may think about in advance and others you may not ever consider. For instance, did you know that you should look around your home for water leaks and remove air conditioner window units before winter hits? These minor things can help you throughout the winter months by blocking drafts and ensuring your water lines do not get worse or freeze up. You should also seal around doorways and windows if there is any chance that cold air will come in around them. It is also a good time to check your heating unit, change out filters, and perhaps have a professional make sure that your heater is working properly before winter comes at you in full force. Otherwise, you could end up wasting power or having a heating system that lets you down on the coldest of days. Outside, you should clean your gutters and check your roof to make sure that your roof is strong enough to handle a pile of snow on it. You would not want a rusty nail hole that is covered with snow to seep into your home throughout the winter months or during the thaw that will soon follow.

Winterizing Your Vehicle

winterize your vehicleWintertime is rough on homes, people, and their vehicles. Therefore, it is recommended that you take some time to prepare your car for winter. You should check your battery because, at severely cold temperatures, your battery could lose up to half its amperage. Wipers and the washer fluid should also be set for winter, because in the event that you have to drive; you need to be able to see the road through the snow, ice, and salt. You should check your tire pressure to make sure that you still have enough psi during the winter to drive safely if you do not want to replace your regular tires with snow tires. Your vehicles motor should also be protected from the cold. You should make sure antifreeze levels are good, change your oil, check all belts and hoses, and even consider fuel injector rebuilding to ensure that everything works when the temperatures drop.

Protect Your Family from the Cold

With snow, you also have the chance of power outages. Therefore, you may want a backup power supply to ensure your family stays warm, extra food supplies that do not need a lot of preparation to ensure you do not need to go out once the winter cyclones come your way and enough stored water for everyone to have plenty to drink if there is a lapse between the power outage and your generator kicking in.