Coffee Table Discussions

coffee tablesHave you ever really wondered why you have a coffee table? It has the potential to become quite an interesting discussion to have if you know the full history of it. There are a lot of reasons people have a coffee table in their living room. Some enjoy having one because it makes a great foot rest and others simply feel that a living room looks more like a home if it has tables. The truth is, these tables are used by families and friends as a place for socializing and relaxing. Therefore, many say that it should look as though your room was designed for it.

The Purpose of a Coffee Table

As implied by its name, the coffee table was first designed to be a place that you could rest your coffee or tea. It would sit in front of a couch or other types of chairs where two people would sit together and talk. In the beginning, perhaps back in Renaissance England times, you would often find these tables in sitting rooms. In the past, you would find coffee table books and other things. Now, they are a place for people to put decorative objects, magazines, books you enjoy reading, and snack trays or plates or food. Their purpose is unending and in homes all around the world nowadays, you can find these small tables filled with a variety of things.

The Coffee Table’s Design

coffee tableIn the beginning coffee tables may have been designed as simple pieces of furniture. Now, they are such a staple in homes that they have unique purposes. They may have glass table tops overlaying wood so that you can display photos and other things, odd designs, hidden drawers, shelves under them, magazine racks on the side of them and more. These tables are no longer boxes that are in front of a couch. They are statement pieces that become a centerpiece for living rooms and also conversation pieces for their owners to share.

Keeping Your Coffee Table Beautiful

refinished coffee tableMany tables are made of glass or wood. This means that you may have to work to keep them clean. However, even with a lot of effort, you may still find yourself needing to replace an old worn out table. This may mean you give it to someone who doesn’t have a coffee table or someone who wants to upgrade the one that they have. It may also mean that you take a little time to practice refinishing a coffee table so that you do not have to spend your hard-earned cash on a new one. Refinishing is a great way to give your table a face-lift and make it more enjoyable for your family. It also does not take a lot of effort and it is much cheaper. You can refinish it by sanding it down to remove dents and dings, re-staining or repainting, putting a layer of epoxy on it and more. Either way, it can add years to your coffee table and save you hundreds of dollars for a new one.