Food Tastes Better in Newark

IronboundOne of the most popular spots to eat in Newark is the four-square mile area of Ironbound. It is an area that is surrounded by railroad tracks and filled with dining experiences that no one will ever forget enjoying. The food itself includes Portuguese, Brazilian, and Spanish cuisine. It is a place unlike all others and though it began to grow in popularity in the 1820s, it is still a great place for everyone to enjoy.

What Makes It Special?

Portuguese FoodsBeyond the food, it is an area that is rich in culture. There are approximately 40 different ethnic groups who call it home for their business and their homes. They have put their own spin on this small area of land. Their food, their way of living, and all other aspects are reminiscent of life in the good old days. With each culture, they bring a part of their homeland to Newark and it has taken on a 19th century appeal that is 100% unique.

If you have never been there before, it is definitely a place you want to visit in the future.