Oldest Buildings in Newark

Plume HouseNewark is the third oldest city in the United States. It also has a history that dates back for centuries. Some of those first buildings can be seen still yet. They include places like Plume House, which was built in 1710 and is listed as one of the 10 most threatened historical sites in the state of New Jersey and the Sydenham House, which is the oldest private home in this city. It was built in 1711. The oldest church is the Trinity Church, which was built in 1742. All these buildings were constructed before the Revolutionary War, which upon ending spiked a boom that made Newark what it is today.

Big Businesses and Bigger Buildings

firemans insurance companyOne of the biggest industries in Newark is its insurance sales. There are several of the largest insurance companies with a home base in Newark, where they got their start. As if paying tribute to this fact, the oldest existing skyscraper is located here. It is the Fireman’s Insurance Company Building and it reaches 220ft tall. It is a 19-story building, which was huge for 1910 when construction was completed.

As another testament to the fact that Newark also got its roots from transportation, the Newark Airport Administration Building is also still standing proud. It was the first airport terminal in the United States back in 1935. This building has been relocated to a better area.

Talk of the Town

Newark Airport Administration BuildingDo you know of any other old buildings in Newark? They are impressive buildings and with all of the history in Newark, it is not surprising that there are more marvels.